Chinese Traditional Kungfu School, a part of Ludong University, is located outside the district of Muping. Ludong University, located in the city of Yantai, was built in 1930 with a rich history of more than 80 years it is a garden- like school and provincial campus based in Yantai, Shandong province. The university has financial assets of 1.48 billion yuan and has over 30,000 students, including more than 800 foreign students. Chinese Traditional Kung Fu School specializes in teaching Traditional Chinese Kungfu to foreign students and will assist students with visa applications. Students can study here for up to three years in a row. Chinese Traditional Kungfu School is owned and operated by Wu Shihua.

Our school, Chinese Traditional Kungfu School, is situated near Muping, east of Yantai in Shandong Province. The average temperature in Yantai is 12℃ and is one of the famous tourist attractions and vacation hotspots in China because if its three large beaches. Yantai is the only city in China to to be recognized by UNESCO and received recognition from the United Nations in 2005. It is extremely clean, with minimal pollution due to its location and there is access to western products. Yantai is about a one and a half hour bus ride from our school if students want to visit it on the weekend.

Our school is located at the foot of Kunyu Mountain. Kunyu Mountain is one of the most famous Taoist mountains in China. It is the birthplace of Chuan Chen Tao, a national forest park, which has many beautiful natural sights, such as the Cave of Yanxia, Jiulong pond and the Temple of Wuran.

Traditional Martial Arts School is situated amongst small farms covering an area of 70 thousand square meters, including the mountains. It is a quiet environment providing fresh mountain air and has many types of beautiful flowers and fruit trees such as apple, peach, apricot and pear. It's a tranquil and relaxing environment for improving health, practising Kungfu, qi gong and meditation.

All the masters of our school are authentic masters of traditional kungfu with experience teaching both Chinese and foreign students. We provide authentic styles of tanglangquan, shaolinquan, xingyiquan, baguazhang, wingchun, wudangquan, taichi and qigong. We also offer classes in Chinese massage (Tuina), Buddhism, Taoism and calligraphy. Students can choose them freely according to their interest after scheduled training. We pay attention to enhance one's comprehensive qualities of health and wellbeing and self-discipline. Our masters will make personalized training plans for you according to your interest and physical condition thus helping you come to progress steadily through the arts. Compared with other schools, our masters are genuinely interested in our students and are willing spending time getting to know them.

We provide a proper classroom to study Mandarin, an indoor training hall, various spots to train outside, an equipped gymnasium and a massage room. All equipment needed to train, swords, punching mitts, sandbags etc, is provided by the school. We also have a games room with table tennis, pool table, card table, a basketball court and a separate karaoke room. Each student will have their own private rooms with a bed, a table for a computer and a closet. Internet connection and washing machine are provided free of charge, as is all our services. A common room is provided for socializing and watching movies on the weekends. During the summer months, our students shower with solar-heated water. During the winter, our building is heated and hot showers are provided inside the building. Almost all food served at our school is organic and is grown on site in our gardens and picked from our trees. Students, masters and staff eat all meals together in the dining hall. This provides students with a feeling of acceptance by a Chinese family and it gives them an opportunity to practice their Mandarin skills.

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